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Engineering Challenge with Evie Mantone

Engineers think, plan and create and I want you to do the same. I will give you a problem and I want you to think, design and create a prototype (model) of the solution. This will just be a model and not actually to scale, it does not have to function but would be really cool if it did.

Materials that are to be used are simple things you may find around your house such as rubber
bands, string, tape, paperclips, old buttons, recyclables etc.
Steps of the Challenge:

by brainstorming the problem. Write down ideas, sketch ideas, talk it out with a
friend or family member.

Design by developing a blueprint. This is a drawing of what you intend to create. It
should include everything including, scale, how there would be attachments or
connections, as well as materials that will be used.

Create your prototype (model), based off of the blueprint you designed. Remember, this
is just a model and does not need to be to scale.

Share your process and creation with the world! Make a short video of the engineering
process that you used. Explain your thoughts and decision making process during the
three stages of engineering. Explain your model and how it can solve the problem and
be the solution.

The Problem
Old farmer John has an avocado tree on his farm. Over the years the tree has grown really tall; It now reaches 18 feet! Farmer John can’t reach the avocados anymore to pick them, they are way out of his reach and he is 6’ feet tall! What can you build to help Old Farmer John safely pick his avocados? No ladders, that would be too easy!