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Find an item in your house. Every day this week post a picture or 16 second Instagram or Facebook story of you using that prop* a way that is different from its usual use, but makes sense for the size and shape of the item. Then, if it is a picture, write a funny sentence about the picture.

An example might be that if you take a picture of yourself using a pencil as a nail file (seen here) you might write, “My fingernails have gotten so long not playing outside, I just don’t know what to do!”
If you use video you can say the sentence in the video instead.

Inventors, artists and engineers make discoveries, create art and sometimes solve big problems in the world by first learning to see similarities and differences, and letting themselves think imaginatively.

*Prop is a theatre term. It refers to an item an actor can hold in his /her hand while performing. Something they use that informs the audience in some way about their character, environment or the story.