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Engineers and inventors create things that helps us in every day life. In order to do that, they
must follow certain steps…


Look around your house. Find a simple item that does something important, something that solves a problem. Like, for example, a sponge. Research the creator of the item and how it was invented. Maybe get some help from an adult.

Consider these questions as you investigate:

What were some thoughts the inventor or engineer had before they attempted to create the
item? Were there concerns or particularly difficult problems that had to be considered along
the way? Make note of those things you learn that you think are particularly interesting.

Was the item always designed the way you use it today? How did the inventor or engineer
come up with the design? Was there one moment when they had a sudden realization about a
design solution? Does the design remind you of something in nature? What is your opinion of
the design? Were there failures in the design that kept the invention from actually working
before the right solution was found? What was the inventor’s process? Did people believe in
the inventor’s plan?

When the inventor or engineer finally created the item you now use successfully what was the
process of the creation? Was it made by hand or in a factory? Were there very few of them at
first? What about now? Are there many different kinds? What about when it was first invented?
Has the design changed a lot since the very first one was made?

NOW… make a short video that tells a brief story of the thinking, designing and creation of the
item you chose, with YOU as the star… CREATOR of (WHATEVER ITEM YOU CHOSE). Once
you do the research, you’ll be able to share…

1)WHY you created the item (what problem needed solving)
2)WHAT thoughts you had as you put together your design, the challenges, as well as the
3)And HOW it all came together, with the details of how your invention successfully came to
solve the problem it does.

You can have family members join you in the video!

Be sure your video is chronological (in the order in which events actually happened), so those
watching can more easily understand your process.

It’s more fun and inventive if you make your own props and costumes. (It’s always more fun to
be an inventor when you have a mustache!)