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The double-learning goal for this project is for students to gain a deeper understanding of patriotic symbols, their meaning and relevance, while also developing key life skills such as cooperation, maturity, accountability, creativity and engagement. Students begin their journey with the imagining and creating of dance symbols to express an aspect of their personality. They progress to a week-by-week exploration of five American symbols. Each week, through experimenting with a variety of dance-making techniques, students improvise and choreograph dances to express the physical features and symbolic underpinnings of each patriotic symbol. The project culminates with the creation of a 25-minute performance that includes student choreographed dances and student written and presented texts.


CCSS English Language Arts
W 2, W3, W 7, SL 1, SL 2, SL 3, SL 4, SL 5, SL 6

1.1.2, 1.3.3

CA Arts Standards
1.DA:Cr1a-b, 1.DA:Cr2a-b, 1.DA:Pr4a-b, 1.DA:Pr5a-c, 1.DA:Pr6a, 1.DA:Re8

Grade Level