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Students deepen an understanding of the importance of sunlight and water, the interdependent relationships within an ecosystem, and the need of sunlight and water for plants’ and animals’ survival. Students research, observe, describe, and compare diversity in ocean layers. Students design and create a low-relief mural translating research into a visual representation of oceans layers, with its flora and fauna.


CCSS English Language Arts
RI 1, RI 3, RI 7, W 2, W 5, W 7, W 8, SL 2, SL 3, SL 4, SL 4a

NGSS Science

CA Arts Standards
2.VA:Cr1.1, 2.VA:Cr1.2, 2.VA:Cr2.1, 2.VA:Cr2.2, 2.VA:Cr3, 2.VA:Pr6, 2.VA:Re7.1, 9

Grade Level