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Can animals adapt and thrive in different habitats over time? Drawing from life science, second-grade students compare the diversity of life in different habitats, comparing and contrasting characteristics of living organisms’ diet, shelter, life cycle, and adaptations. Students create theatrical backdrops and scripts to represent the rainforest, desert, arctic, savannah, and ocean. Students research and analyze one animal from their given biome and are tasked to physically represent that animal using body language, facial expression, and vocal variety. The class collaborates to write and perform a short play detailing the journey of a little lost polar bear in search of its proper home.


CCSS English Language Arts
RI 2.1, RI 2.2, RI 2.3, RI 2.9, W 2.1, W 2.3, W 2.4, W 2.5, W 2.7, W 2.8, SL 2.1, SL 2.2, SL 2.3, SL 2.4

NGSS Science

CA Arts Standards
2.TH:Cr1a-c, 2.TH:Cr21-b, 2.TH:Cr3a-b, 2.TH:Pr4a-b, 2.TH:Pr6, 2.TH:Re9a-c, 2.TH:Cn11.2a-b, 2.VA:Cr1.2, 2.VA:Cr2.2, 2.VA:Pr4

Grade Level