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Through in-depth class discussions and independent construction, students embark on the hero’s journey as they create artists’ books based on Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. In the process, they explore such literary devices as allusion, symbol, theme, analogy, metaphor, character, and setting. Students further investigate ties to Greek mythology, archetypal characters, and the hero’s journey.


CCSS English Language Arts
RL 3.1, RL 3.3, RL 3.4, RL 3.5, RL 3.6, RL 3.7, RL 3.9, W 3.1.a, W 3.1.b, W 3.2.a, W 3.2.b, W 3.4, W 3.5, W 3.7

CA Arts Standards
3.VA:Cr2.1, 3.VA:Cr2.3, 3.VA:Cr3, 3.VA:Re7.2

Grade Level