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Students participate in activities that illustrate their research into the phenomena of how light interacts with objects by traveling from place to place and how sound vibrates and travels through sound waves. By using the theatrical approach of shadow plays, students observe and experiment in creating shadows to communicate various fairytales and reflect on the scientific phenomena of music and sound.


CCSS English Language Arts
RL 1.1, RL 1.2, RL 1.3, RL 1.7, SL 1.1, SL 1.2, SL 1.4, SL 1.5, SL 1.6

NGSS Science
1-PS4-1, 1-PS4-2, 1-PS4-3, 1-PS4-4

CA Arts Standards
1.TH:Cr1a-c, 1.TH:Cr3a-c, 1.TH:Pr4, 1.TH:Pr5, 1.TH:Pr6, 1TH:Re7, 1TH:Re8a-c, 1.TH:Re9a-c, 1.TH:Cn10, 1.TH:Cn11.1a

Grade Level