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Fifth graders use dance to explore social studies, history, and ELA concepts by creating an “Immigration Nation” performance. After choreographing dance sequences depicting personal hobbies and future hopes, students choreograph the “big themes” of immigration, such as “opportunity” and “hardship” and write letters from the perspectives of American immigrants. Combining choreographies and letters, each group creates a multimedia performance that culminates in a presentation to parents, teachers, and students.


CCSS English Language Arts
RI 4, W 3a-e, W 4, W 5, SL 1a-b, SL 4b, SL 5, SL 6


CA Arts Standards
5.DA.Cr1.a-b, 5.DA:Cr2a-b, 5.DA:Cr3, 5.DA:Pr4, 5.DA:Pr5a-c, 5.DA:Pr6b, 5.DA:Re7a, 5.DA:Re8, 5.DA:Cn10b

Grade Level