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First graders explore citizenship, rules, and making positive choices in a collaboration of acting, writing, and reader’s theatre. In this project, students role-play and use real-life situations to create scenes, each focusing on decision-making. Students share the scenes in a reader’s theatre style format, with a narrator/emcee inviting the audience to offer advice on what the students should do at the end of each scene. Students explore tableau, creative movement, improvisation, team-building warm-ups, and dialogue as they embrace the self-knowledge required to become a respectful, responsible, and engaged individual. Students are directors, playwrights, actors, and audience members. In addition to addressing Social Studies standards, ELA standards are met through writing, reading, and speaking.


CCSS English Language Arts
RI 1, RI 2, RI 3, RI 4, RI 7, RI 10b, SL 1, SL 1.a-c, SL 2.a, SL 3, SL 4


CA Arts Standards
1.TH:Cr1a-b, 1.TH:Cr.2a-b, 1.TH:Pr4a-b, 1.TH:Pr5a, 1.TH:Pr6, 1.TH:Re7, 1.TH:Re8a-c, 1.TH:Re9a, 1.TH:Cn10

Grade Level