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A garden can be a meditative, calming space. The use of a garden theme allows students to understand nature from the ground upward. From topics that range from the dirt to the wind, the students spend nine weeks using vocal projection and body movement to enhance their presentation skills. Incorporating classroom text into warm-up exercises provides a subtle and fun way to recall vocabulary. Lyric writing skills allow students to form stories, use word play, and rhyming techniques in song form. The beauty of the garden can be visually stimulating. Utilizing creative visual arts allows for a unique level of character expression that can enhance performance skills, be incorporated into set design, and add a calming effect in the classroom.


CCSS English Language Arts
RI 2.1, RI 2.3, RI 2.6, RI 2.9, W 2.2, W 2.4, W 2.5, W 2.6, W 2.7, SL 2.1, SL 2.2

NGSS Science

CA Arts Standards
2.TH:Cr1a-c, 2.TH:Cr2a-b, 2.TH:Cr3a.b., 2.TH:Pr4b, 2.TH:Pr5a, 2.TH:Pr6, 2.TH:Re7, 2.TH:Re9a-c

Grade Level