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Students work collaboratively in groups to create photo collages synthesizing their comprehension of photography techniques with chronological storytelling. After learning and applying a series of photographic techniques, such as perspective and angles, and analyzing how stories unfold in a logical manner, each group storyboards a sequentially logical story and conveys the story via a linear series of writing and photographs.


CCSS English Language Arts
W 3a-e, 4, SL 1b-d, W 3a-e, SL 1b-d, SL 2, SL 3

CA Arts Standards
3.MA:Cr1, 3.MA:Cr2, 3.MA:Cr3a-b, 3.MA:Pr4, 3.MA:Pr5a, 3.MA:Re7a, 4.MA:Cr1, 4.MA:Cr2, 4.MA:Cr3a-b, 4.MA:Pr4, 4.MA:Pr5a, 4.MA:Re7a

Grade Level