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Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is the focus for this embodied life science learning journey combining core ideas and science practices with a rich diversity of dance-making activities. Using dance to help difficult concepts become more attainable, students physically depict group dynamics and the monarch butterfly’s life cycle, migration, structure, and hereditary. Through improvisation, choreography, and refinement, students create culminant small group and whole class dances, incorporating student composed text and music, to communicate human impacts on ecosystems.


CCSS English Language Arts
SL 1a-d, SL 2, SL 3, SL 5, W 2a-d, W 4, W 5, W 6, W 7

NGSS Science
3-LS1, 3-LS2, 3-LS3, 3-LS4

CA Arts Standards
3.DA.Cr1a-b, 3.DA:Cr2a-b, 3.DA:Cr3, 3.DA:Pr4a-b, 3.DA:Pr5a-c, 3DA:Pr6b, 3DA:Re8, 3.DA:Cn10b

Grade Level