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Kindergartners deepen their understanding of push, pull, and change of direction through building their own towns and navigating various disasters that strike their imaginary inhabitants. Students gain working knowledge of the differences between two-dimensional and three-dimensional models as they craft objects such as mountains, buildings, and lakes using materials like paper, cardboard, and cotton balls. At the end of the project, students will have created a resilient multidimensional town and have a beginning working knowledge of the basics of force and movement.


CCSS English Language Arts
SL 1a-b, SL 2a, SL 3, SL 5, SL 6

NGSS Science
K-2-ETS1.B, K-2-ETS1A, K-2-ETS1.C, K-PS2.A, K-PS2.B, K-PS3.C


CA Arts Standards
K.VA:Cr1.1, K.VA:Cr2.3, K.VA:Cr3,

Grade Level