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students participating in creative movement

 Students combine NGSS Earth and Space Science with creative movement for this rocket-fueled learning venture to the sun, moon, and beyond. After developing their dance-making and collaborative skills, students explore patterns through dance. They improvise movements, depicting how shadows change through the day, and human activity changes from day to night. They create positions of the moon’s changing visible shape, and dance the difference between rotation and orbit. To complete the journey, their dances are filmed and edited to create a short film about the patterns of the sun, moon, and planets in the solar system. 


CCSS English Language Arts
CCSS English Language Arts: SL 1a,b,c; 2a; 3; 5

NGSS Science
NGSS: 1-ESS1-1

CA Arts Standards
1.DA:Cr1a,b; 1.DA:Cr2b; 1.DA:Cr3; 1.DA:Pr4a,b; 1.DA:Pr5a,b,c; 1.DA:Re8; Anchor Standard DA:Cn10

Grade Level

1 2