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Students learn to draw three-dimensionally, design a blueprint, and create a model/prototype in order to solve a human-impact problem using inspiration from a chosen animal part. This project was developed to help the classroom teachers successfully teach the Engineering Design unit as well as a way to successfully incorporate the development of fine motor skills, problem/solution, critical thinking, collaboration, and confidence building.


CCSS English Language Arts
WS 1.1 WS 1.2, WS 2.1, WS 2.2, WS 4, SL 1.1, SL 2, SL 4, SL 5, SL 2.1a-c, SL 2a, SL 3, SL 4a, SL 5, SL 6

NGSS Science
K-2-ETS1, K-2-ETS1-1, K-2-ETS1-2, ETS1.A


CA Arts Standards
2.VA:Cr1.1, 1.VA:Cr1.2, 2.VA:Cr1.2, 2.VA:Cr2.1, 2.VA:Cr2.2, 2.VA:Cr2.3, 2.VA:Cr3

Grade Level

1 2