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First graders explore the subjects of their South African animal research by creating animal poetry collages that exemplify their understanding of content and their developing figurative language skills. Addressing ELA research and writing standards, students write a series of poems from the perspective of and/or based upon assigned South African animals. Then, students compile their writing into visual animal maps that challenge their design and organization capabilities. Finally, students present their completed works of visual and written art to peers, staff, and family as part of the school multicultural fair.


CCSS English Language Arts
W 1.2, W 1.5, W1.8, SL 1.2, SL 1.4, SL 1.5

NGSS Science
1-LS-1.1, 1-LS-1.2

CA Arts Standards
1.VA:Cr1.1, 1.VA:Cr1.2, 1.VA:Cr2.1

Grade Level