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Curated Spaces graphic

Capturing the vibrant essence of our Curated Spaces after-school program at Helix Charter High School, where artistic magic unfolds under the guidance of CoTA teaching artist, Leo Francisco. In this dynamic session, students eagerly dive into creative warm-up exercises, repeatedly sketching their ideas with a kaleidoscope of colors. These exercises serve as more than just artistic practice; they spark insightful discussions on how color wields the power to transform and enrich the narrative of any subject.

Our Curated Spaces initiative is a remarkable collaboration, fostering partnerships with the San Diego County Office of Education and dedicated high school educators from all corners of San Diego County. This visionary program’s primary goal is to delve deep into the fusion of arts with academic and social content, illuminating new pathways for after-school enrichment programs. As we continue to explore and innovate, we witness firsthand the profound impact of art in shaping the educational journey of our students, igniting their curiosity and nurturing their creativity.